Morning Smoothies

I really struggle with getting my 2-year-old to eat enough fruit and vegetables. His favorite foods are pasta and cheese, with a little bit of fish thrown in for good measure and I know that’s just not enough to keep him as healthy as I would like him to be.

My solution of late has been to make smoothies for us to drink with our breakfast every morning. My husband would drink smoothies morning, noon and night so this hasn’t been a hardship for him at all!

Since I am making these smoothies for health and not for taste, I am not too concerned with the flavor combinations of the fruit I put in them.

What goes in our smoothies:

  • Oranges. I use whole oranges that I simply peel before throwing them in the blender. This gives us all the nutrition of the whole orange and is much cheaper than using orange juice.
  • Yogurt. I make my own yogurt using a yogurt starter and some of the raw milk we get from the farm every week. I have a yogurt maker bought from Amazon for about $30. This ends up being much cheaper and healthier than the yogurt from the store.
  • Organic Ground Flax Seed. I use about 3 tablespoons of flax seed I bought at Costco. This is the cheapest source I have found for good quality ground flax seed.
  • Spinach. I find bagged spinach either on markdown or, most recently, for free with coupon and stick it in the freezer. I put a small handful in each smoothie.
  • Frozen fruit. Whatever fruit I find on a great sale each week, I bring it home and wash it, cut it up into small enough pieces to fit through the hole in the lid of my blender, and freeze it on cookie sheets in my chest freezer. Then I simply put it in a Ziploc bag and stick in in the freezer for our smoothies. By using frozen fruit in your smoothie, you avoid having to use ice to make the smoothie cold. Our main staple fruit is strawberries (which I get frozen at Costco unless another store has them for less than $1.25/lb) and then I fill in with the other frozen fruit I have to make the smoothie the consistency that we like it.
I serve the smoothie to my 2-year-old in a sippy cup outfitted with a straw that cannot be pulled out. At first, I was using cups with straws that could easily be pulled out by him and we were ending up with streaks of smoothie all over our carpet. This was quickly solved by moving to the different type of cup.
You can also add other types of vegetables to smoothies. Try to stick with vegetables that won’t throw off the flavor of the smoothie too much (unless your family is okay with that).
Does your family enjoy smoothies? Any tips on how to sneak vegetables into smoothies? Any awesome smoothie recipes to share? Sound off in the comments section!