Homemade Applesauce

My baby girl just turned 6 months old and so it’s time to start making baby food again. I decided I would start with oatmeal cereal and applesauce. Stay tuned for the homemade oatmeal cereal recipe.

To make applesauce, I started by cutting up 9 apples. I do things the easy way and just make 4 cuts around the core of each apple. You waste very little apple this way and you don’t have to deal with cutting out the core. I also leave the peels on the apples. The peels contain a ton of nutrients and I also have a Vita Mix which purees everything very well. You can’t even detect the peels within the final sauce.

Once all the apples are cut up, I throw them all in my Crock Pot. I have a 3 quart model and 9 apples fills it pretty much to the top. Pour in about 3/4-1 cup of water, put on the lid and turn on the Crock Pot to low.

I cooked the apples for about 6.5 hours, stirring once or twice during that time to make sure the apples cook pretty evenly.

When the apples are tender, pull them out and put them into the container of your blender. I had to do two batches, blending up the first half of the apples and then adding the second half and blending them as well.

Once you have your puree at the desired consistency, pour the applesauce into containers or ice cube trays for storage. I use silicone ice cube trays.

You can either eat the applesauce immediately or cool the applesauce for about an hour and then freeze the ice cube trays until hard. Pop the cubes out and store in a ziptop bag. Nine apples made about 31 1-ounce cubes.

When you are ready to use the cubes, just heat the desired amount in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. Make sure you stir well to avoid hot spots if you are feeding the sauce to a baby.

**Note: If you don’t have a Crock Pot, you can do this same recipe in the oven. Just put your apple pieces in a baking dish and fill with about 1/4 inch of water. Bake in the oven at 350 for about an hour. Continue with pureeing as shown above.